Friday, February 22, 2008


That's right - my gig on Termninator Salvation has finished. It was a hectic three months, but interesting as this was my first live-action storyboard job (and hopefully not last). It was surprisingly not all that different then a job working on an animated feature with some elements of TV/DTV storyboarding thrown in as I already mentioned. But that might have more to do with the writer's strike going on at the same time. At least, that's what the other board artists said. The big difference is the speed at which we had to get things done - which is why I felt it had a lot in common with TV/DTV boarding. One of the other big differences that I noticed was the fact that whatever was boarded had to have some foot in reality at all times. Whether it was due to location, the physical realitues of what a camera can and can't do, FX budgets and a host of other minor things when working in animation absolutley anything is possible and the only restriction tends to be schedule and budget to a much lesser degree. But on the other side some concerns in animation - like number of characters on screen - are not such a big issue in live-action. As time goes on I'll probably post more about the differences between live-action and animation boarding, but right now I'm still processing it all in my own head.

So now the big search for a job begins and I do seem to have some possibilities. I'll let you know where I finally end up. Though it's not like I'm just sitting around. I'm still working on a couple of freelance jobs as well as trying to catch up on some commissions (thanks again to all of you who have been so very patient).

The other thing I'm working on - the big secret project - that all of you have been trying to guess at (unsuccessfully I might add) is still a possibility, but is also a long shot though I've got great faith in the project. I've seen a lot of interest in it, but finding the right studio, company, person to take that final step has been dificult. Originally I didn't want to disclose what the project was because of some superstitions about revealing a project before it was picked up, but since that hasn't seemed to help I might reveal it after all. I'll have to think about it.

Since I still get a lot of questions concerning X-Men: Evolution I'll answer them now for everyone. I do not know when season 4 will be released onto DVD. Wolverine and the X-Men is not a continuation of the XME conituity and I do not know when or on what network Wolverine and the X-Men will broadcast. I suspect most of you will know that before I do.

And now tonight is the 80th Academy Awards and I'm curious to see if the films I voted for (especially Best Animated Film) actually win. My guess is that the film I voted for Best Animated Film, Surf's Up, will not win and that it will be a toss-up between Ratatouille or Persepolis. I give the edge to Persepolis and not because I liked it better - I didn't - but because it seems to be an important film in the way that Crash, Babel and Happy Feet did. But in my opinion none of these were important films in the way Academy voters thought.

Another thing I'd like to point you all to is a fairly new blog put out by an old friend of mine, Tina Price. She was right there at the beginning of the CG movement at Disney and has quite a bit of history to share with everyone and is worth checking out if for no other reason to see me slimmer and with less gray in my hair. It's also a place where other animators and artists can post their memories and thoughts. It's called Drawn 2gether and I think you'll enjoy it.

Well since you made it through that long 'catching up' I think you deserve something a little new. This is a detail from a commission I finished awhile ago.


Blaze Rocket said...

I'm always interested to hear what you're doing; It's like getting a backstage realistic sneak peek into what it's like to work in the animation industry. And I, being the weirdo I am, mentally file every word away to ponder at length. I wouldn't have guessed there would be much difference in storyboarding animation versus live action, but you've clearly given me something to think about now!

Also- and I have no idea how credible this is, as I got it off of Wikipedia- the Season 4 DVD of Evo has been officially canceled. Which really sucks, because some of the best episodes were in Season 4. My own personal plan is to see if I can't get the episodes down-loadable through iTunes or the like, by writing snail-mail letters to whomever owns the copyright or would be in charge of things like that. I'd rather have the DVD, but I'll take what I can get...
Just out of curiosity, do you get any royalties from Evo? The writers strike has me thinking about how money flows....

And as I don't know how commissions go, another question: Will you be putting full versions of this and the commission sketch from your last entry up on your web page, or is that up to the people who are doing the commissioning?

JRtist said...

Hey Steve! Great to hear you're done with the T4 job. Yet, sorry at the same time. And that Boom Boom looks smashing!... get it... boom... smash... nevermind, it was funny when I thought of it. Lost something in type.

I had a feeling best animation would be that feature. Altho I don't know of many others that made it out last year... just had the feeling it would be that one. It had the most advertisment. And not to mention it was a great feature.

I look forward to sending you my commission painted up (Thanks for the help and the time for the commission btw) soon. And I look forward to working with you again on the other commission in the works for ya lol.

Have a great one Steve!
See ya on the board,

Anonymous said...

omg! S4 on DVD has been cancelled! nooooo

cool tabitha art but she really need not be naked

-Polad fan

X2B said...

Hi Steve

I grately admire your creative way of looking at things ^^

This latest Taibtha artwork is awesome. I would die to see Jean in a masterpiece like that ^^I hope someone requests it through commission.

Also, since we're not directly in contact with MARVEL, WB or even Mr. Boyd Kirkland, so ure the one whom we look up to for S4 DVD news of X-M:E. Can u please contact Boyd and ask him about this?

Thanks! I'll be really glad!

Steven E. Gordon said...

You guys are as tuned into about as much info as I have concerning XME 4th season release on DVD. I assume it will happen eventually, but other than that I have nothing new to add. Even, Boyd (whom I speak to often -sometimes daily) doesn't know anymore.
As to showing the commissions: I've never had a problem with someone not wanting me to show their commission (just the opposite usually), but in this case I debated a long time over whether tio show the full pic or not and decided to censor it myself. Though I felt comfortable creating the piece for the client as long as I was able to appropriately age BoomBoom (and without a doubt Tabby would be likely to do this type of a pose) I felt it better, to avoid some controversy, to leave most of it to your imaginations. And I think Polad Fan shows I might have been right...

Anonymous said...