Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Some BS and SM...

...just perfect for this week's Fan Request Friday's choice of the Horned King. He's been requested several times and I finally thought it might be time to go ahead and draw the horny one again. Pretty sure I haven't drawn him since I animated my last scene on the Black Cauldron way back in 1985 or 1984. Back then at Disney they didn't have official Key animators (though everyone knew who they were) and no one received that type of credit until several films later. I understand it was Glen Keane who helped push for that, but that was a long time after I left so it doesn't really effect me much either way. Anyway, I sort of inherited the position of Key animator on the Horned King and ended up animating  most of the character's big scenes (all that were, left that is) including his fight with Taran at the end at 95% of his death scene. Of course at that time we all animated whatever characters were usually in a scene and didn't worry as much about who did what and so I also did all the animation for Taran in that fight as well. Black Cauldron will never be considered a great film, but I had a good time working on it and I'm pretty proud of the work i did on it.
One of these days I'll have to write more about my short time at the big D.

So, remember last week, when I never got around to posting the choices for FRF...? Well, here they are...

The first is Brenda Starr. A head in period clothing - what's not to like?

And the second is Superman - oddly enough, no one's ever requested him before. I've been drawing him so often for the HarperCollins kid's book that I illustrate that I thought it was worth taking a slightly different approach.  I'm not sure if I like it better or not...


Ted said...


Thanks so much for drawing Superman!


Unknown said...

I don't care what anyone says, Steve. Black Cauldron is a GREAT film. One of my favorites.

India Pictures said...

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Terese W. Antonsen said...

I loved X-men Evolution the best, specially for the sheer style itself, plus I loved Nightcrawlers style!^^

Gaston John said...

Totally love your blog. I'm a new follower! I also love to draw.

Gaston John said...

I can't believe you are the one who created x-men evolution. Like dude I'm not just a fan, but I'm addicted on how you created them. You're so genius!

I'm sorry if I commented twice. I just can't help but praising your works! :) Totally a fan!

Kraken Guard said...

Whoah! You actually did some of the animating from that movie!? Incredible!

It's a shame that it's not such a popular movie(The Black Cauldron). I thought it was just as good as any of the other Disney Movies that they have made. And you did a beautyful job on HoKi(Horned King) in this picture! :)

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