Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some more fan art...

...sort of.
I just read the TPB/Graphic novel (can never get those straight) of Battle Hymn by B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun. I couldn't recommend it more. It deals with a period I like quite a bit  - the Golden Age of Super Heroes. It' s kind of like the part in Watchmen where they deal with their past. Really great stuff! If you're interested and want to buy it just click on the link over there <<<< and, in case I never mentiuoned this before, anytime you click on anything on my web-site that takes you to Amazon I get a little kickback - so feel free to click away.

So here is another peice of Fan Art of one of the characters. The Artificial Man.


Blaze Rocket said...

*clicks* Consider it on my shopping list. ^_^

kamagra said...

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