Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two for one...

...sort of. This week, for Fan Request Friday, there were a lot of great suggestions - as always. I want to thank everyone and I really wish that I could do more each week, but there's only so much free time available. So, when possible, I'll try and sneak in a little something more. This week I chose a subject that had been suggested many times before...and since it kind of coincides with some of the freelance I've been doing - the DC books for HarperCollins that I mentioned below - I thought it would be fun to give a shot at the Women of Gotham. I couldn't decide between the heroes or the villains so I decided to do both.


lepetityoshi said...

Cool :)

catwoman looks pretty well

jiji83 said...

Ouah ... your drawing are attractive than the last ones ... !
And, my new blog is :