Sunday, April 17, 2011

Madmen, Zombies, 2 Phantoms and BC

Seems like I'm always running late on posting my choices for Fan Request Friday. Every Monday I start out thinking to myself:  "Wow! Things are moving along nicely and I'm making great progress  - I should have no problem getting these done before midweek" Then Thursday rolls around and I'm knee deep in putting out fires and meeting deadlines that I didn't even know existed until Wednesday. So I find myself trying to squeeze in a drawing while I'm waiting for downloads and what not. As always, I had much bigger plans for these drawings then you see here, but I had to settle for what I could accomplish. All in all, I think they came out pretty nice and I hope you enjoy them.

The first is a classic character from the Golden Age of comics and that is enough to get me interested in giving it a shot - in case you couldn't tell I have quite a bit of affection for that time period: The Phantom Lady

The next is one I'd been working on for awhile and and was never satisfied with where it was going. I think I'm pretty happy now with the end results. The Ghost Who Walks - The Phantom

I'm not rely familiar with Mike Allred's Madman, but I always like the look of the character and when it was suggested I thought it was worth a try. But if you want to see some truly inspired work go over to Comictwart to see their Madman interpretations

The last is sort of a special case. A friend I met via Twitter, who is always very supportive, suggested his own character Z-Girl. She has an interesting look and thought it was an interesting challenge. So if you like this drawing (or even if you don't) go on over to his web-site to learn more about the character.

So now you know what most of the Title above means, but you're probably thinking to yourself: "BC? Who is BC?"
The "BC" isn't a character, but a place. I have to leave Monday morning for Vancouver, BC for a sound mix for the series I'm working on as Supervising Director. If you're sharp and follow me on Twitter you probably already know what show it is, but if you still have no idea then stay tuned to Nickelodeon Monday. I understand they're going to start promoting it pretty heavily for it's premiere in June. I'll be shocked if most fans don't like this show and what we've done with it and if it doesn't create a whole new generation of fans.

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