Friday, July 08, 2011


Well, either no one is really reading my blog anymore (though my weekly reports seem to suggest that's not true) or no one noticed my suggestion at the bottom of the last post asking if anyone wanted to ask any questions. Or maybe no one has any questions...?

I'll give it one more try and if that doesn't produce any questions I'll just have to think up something else to post about.


Mr. Allison Blaire aka GenXer said...

I went into Voltron Force with little expectations but it has turned out to be a pretty entertaining show. It's always cool to see when the new episode pops up on the dvr.

I wish I had a question. Being the Marvel fanatic that I am, I would have asked if you're involved in any of their new stuff but you've already posted that you've directed some Avengers episodes. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing those. That show, along with the late night X-Men Evo repeats, is probably all that keeps me checking out Disney XD.

Stay awesome, Mr. Gordon.

Dani's Blog said...

I have a question. I didnt ask before because even if i follow your blog i didnt read the last post ^^'

When you start searching for work, what did you do? where did you look first?

Anonymous said...

How often do you find your work "stolen" and posted on other websites, claimed as someone else's efforts?

JRtist said...

I'm too scared to ask questions right now.

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite part of production from your viewpoint? I know there are many legs in a complete production and you have amazing storyboarding, character design, and animation skills but what part really gets to you deep inside and you can't wait to work on?

Also have you ever thought of doing more full animation in your style?

If I haven't run up my limit on questions I would also like to know your thoughts on animation in general, like what goes through your head when doing a scene or just a test like for characters like in X-Men Evolution?

Thank you for your time.

Yen said...

Are there any type of requests that you don't do?

Mike Moran said...

Just adding a note that for some reason your blog was not showing up in my blogger feed but now blamo I have tons of posts of yours to read. So I would partially blame it on google.

PS I am also enjoying XME again thanks to Netflix streaming! I love that show.