Thursday, November 29, 2012

CTNX post mortem...

I felt I needed to blog a little bit about how it went at CTNX since I cajoled everyone into going.
This was my second year having a table and selling books and doing commissions and I know now that the first year wasn't a fluke. Not only did I sell out of my first two books (Expressions & Attitudes 1 and 2), but I sold quite a few of my new one, drew several commissions and got to meet a lot of very talented students and some old friends and fans.
This is easily one of the most professional conventions I've been too and that's even more impressive when you consider that this is only its fourth year. If you are interested in animation and want a chance to meet some of the big names (and not so big names like me) in animation, listen to lectures, see demos and check out art schools then this is the con for you. And if you want to try and break into the industry then you absolutely need to go to get advice from professionals and to get your portfolio reviewed by artists and studios.

Here are a few of the commissions I drew up at CTNX this year:

Sorry about the quality of these...I opted to use my phone instead of my usual portable scanner....

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Blaze Rocket said...

I really wanted to go back again this year, but was severely, completely lacking in funds after my big move down to California. I'm glad to hear it's still a great con, though. Hopefully I'll be there next year!