Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

In honor of meeting Mike Mignola the other day I thought I'd post a Hellboy I drew recently...mostly based on the movie more than Mignola's designs. I couldn't compete with him anyway so I thought "why try?"

Yup. I'm working, laboring, whatever...I've got plenty to keep me busy. I'm trying to prepare the next script in the series so i can get the story artists working Tuesday. It's fun, but time consuming.
I've listed my brother's name on several sites like the Next of Kin Registry with the hopes we might hear something.

I received my copy of Fire and Ice DVD SE and watched it with the family. My youngest son, Eric, had never even seen this film. He hadn't been born until after this production was finished and he seemed to enjoy it. I'm not nearly as critical (or defensive) of the film as I used to be and so I enjoyed seeing it again. What I really enjoyed was watching the supplemental materials on disc 1. It was fun seeing the "making of..." materials. Brought back some fond memories and it was pretty funny seeing the "great" Thomas Kincaide and his old friend James Gurney (the better of the two IMO)working hard to capture Frazetta's essence. It's a shame it was all too short. The second disc is the "Painting with Fire" Painting with Fire documentary on Frazetta, which I already owned and had seen when it was released on it's own DVD.

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