Thursday, September 08, 2005

Prodigal Brother

This afternoon - out of the blue - I received an e-mail from someone asking if the Darryl and Jil Gordon at a hospital in Illinois could possibly be my brother and his wife. She left a phone number for the hospital and I called it. It turns out it was definitely them. They'd been there for 3 days. The hospital had set aside a couple of buildings - they called them pavillions - for evacuees of the NO flood.
They are both well and will be flying to Florida tomorrow to live with her sister.
Other than the fact that they hadn't been flooded out - they lived on the 4th floor of a building on Bourbon St - I couldn't get many facts out of them, but I'm sure now that communications have opened up (somewhat) I should be able to find out more...maybe?
I wasn't even able to find out how the mysterious e-mail correspondent had locatd them (I assume they were checking the lists that we had posted their names on), but I did thank her.

Anyway I thought this drawing appropriate for the occasion - somewhat? Oh, well. I knew no one had seen it yet....


TheRonin said...

HI Steve,

glad to hear about your brother :)
Hopefully this will be the chance for a family "reunion": that way, something good can come out of something bad like NO flood.
That Storm is simply AWESOME! Let me know if we need to upload all these images once I am done with the style sheets :)

Your friend,

Kizmit said...

That must have been pretty scary for you to hear. I hope things with yourself and your relatives improve. It was amazing that the person who E mailed you got in contact.

Great picture of Storm too. I like the outfit.

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