Tuesday, October 11, 2005

John Carter!!!

I don't know if everyone is as excited as I am about this film finally going into serious production or not, but I definitely thought it was worth a mention. You can read the Aint it cool interview with Jon favereau here.
A long time ago (what seems like a lifetime ago), towards the end of production on Fire and Ice, Ralph said he had been contacted by the Burroughs company about producing an animated version of John Carter of Mars, but the most that they could put together for it would be 4 million. Even in those days that was almost nothing. We had just finished Fire and Ice and no one thought it was worth pursing - especially Ralph. ralph didn't want to work that hard for so little so he considered having my friend Bruce Woodside and me co-direct the film for him. Althoug it would have been a dream project - and we might have been able to use Frazetta's designs - we weren't really seasoned enough to pull it off and for that type of money we knew what it would have looked like: Fire and Ice 2.
So needless to say I'm thrilled that technology has finally caught up with this project and made it feasable to do this film in live-action. Favereau seems to have the right attitude about the property and he even seems inclined to use frazetta's art as inspiration. Goood luck Jon!

The above image was already posted to my web-site as is, but I started painting/rendering it in PhotoShop some time ago and stopped. This might actually give me the motivation to finish it and post it here.


Anonymous said...
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Hadibi said...

Hello Steve G~ ^_^ I see you at drawingboard.org sometimes :D Wow, I didn't know you're the character designer for the x-men:evolution series :D Can't wait to see what you've done with the new Ultimate dvd movies ^_^

The X-men series finished airing here at Malaysia few weeks ago ;_; Sadly I always forget to watch it...hehe, but I might be able to watch it at my friend's place ^_^

I'm not sure if I remember Fire & Ice but I do remember watching Rock & Rule...Although they were so long ago I forgot. thank god for the new dvd, so I might be able to find em XD

Can't wait to see your How To section grow bigger~ :B Cheers!