Sunday, October 23, 2005

Web Update!!!

Well, I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for this update...the last two charcaters, Rogue and Spyke, have been added to the "How To" section of my web-site. The really fun title cards that were designed foir this were done by my web-master himself, Francesco Francavilla. I really like them a lot and I also like a lot of his other work too. Here's an ink job he did (apparently all done on computer) to the Batman pencils I posted below.

He's quite an artist. I'm in awe of his abilities...and he sure can improve on my pencils.

Someone was asking me if there were any good books I could recommend to help somone interested in animation so I thought I'd post these links.
Richard Willaims book is a good "this is how to do this" guide - Animator's Survival Kit. There's also Dob Bluth's Art of Animation Drawing and his Art of Storyboard and, of course, Frank and Ollie's book - The Illusion of Life is a definite must have for anyone interested in animation.
And just for books of how to draw I recommend Andrew Loomis' Figures in Action (Any book you can find by Loomis is well worth it) and Ben Caldwell's Fantasy! Cartooning and Action! Cartooning. I even bought these last two for my son.


Hadibi said...

Yay! Cool update on the How To page Steven~ XD Alas, will that be the end of it? ;_; Hmm, I don't have any of the books that you've mentioned although I have read them. It's just that during that time, I didn't have the cash to buy em XD I saw Ben's books at Borders over here and I'll be getting em soon! :D

The Batman picture looks great inked!

Dan P. said...

Hi Steve, just found your blog. I love your stuff and will be checking it out often!