Sunday, May 28, 2006

On Sale now!!

I just received my shipment of sketchbooks from the printer and they turned out great! They did a great job and I think everyone should be happy with them. They're 10 x 6.5 and have 70 pages in them.
I'm adding a PayPal link to this blog for any that won't be able to make it to the SDCC - or for those that can and don't want to be bothered. Of course, I'm not even sure if I'll have a table there yet, but I'm crossing my fingers...

If you do want to order from here all you have to do is click that PayPal button on the right side of the screen (below the Amazon ads) and I'll get one out to you ASAP. I will number and sign each books and include a little sketch, so if there's someone in particular you'd like feel free to include a note.

If you live outside the US contact me and we can discuss shipping for you.

BTW I should have the posters available soon also.


pacifiersaint said...

Oh, first, I want to excuse me because my english is very bad, that's bacause my languaje is spanish and I'm from Colombia, well, I'm really happy with your work, are the best draws in the world, I hope will be like you in the future, I have a talent to, nobody teachme how draw, but god give me a talent, I hope in a future could buy all your work, videos, draws, everyting, but in my country the people don't value my work, well, i'm sure that your work is an inspiration from all childrens in the world, thank for give us your art, thank you and bye....

Andres Julian Ulloa Moreno

Mokuu said...

*Jumps up and down*

Its here, its here !!! Expression and Attitude! Ive been dying to see it released. Yet, im canadian from quebec *ponders* Still, i wish alot of people jump on it during the SDCC (after i get my copy of course >_>) and keep up the great work!

Steven E. Gordon said...

I looked into shipping to Canada and if You're interested just add an additional $2 to the purchase price and I'll be glad to ship it to you.

thanks for your enthusiasm,

Anonymous said...

I want to say, that I love your drawings! They are beautiful, really! I'm trying to draw like you, but I must practise a lot of time!


Sorry for my english, I'm not good at this :P

Anonymous said...

And, I forgot, my favourite character is Jean Grey from X-men. This is my favourite cartoon. I'll be happy, if you add some her pictures ;)


Scott Wright said...

Great stuff. Love how much character your drawings have.

Keep up tha awesome work

orgullo-vikingo said...

Hi Steve, I'm from MAdrid, Spain ad i'm interested in buying your sketchbook.
Could you please tell me what are the shipping costs?

See you and congratulations for your work


Steven E. Gordon said...

Felipe: I tried to send you ane-mail, but I'm not sure it went through. Anyway, just send me your mailing address and I'll see what i can find out.

Thanks everyone!

orgullo-vikingo said...

Hi Steven, I'm Felipe from Madrid.
My e-mail is

Let's see what we can do.


Steven E. Gordon said...

Felipe: What's your mailing address?

orgullo-vikingo said...

It is:

Street: Clara del Rey
PO BOX 28002 Madrid

Steven E. Gordon said...

Hi Felipe:

Unfortunately it'll be another $10 for me to ship to Spain (for a total of $30)....Are you still interested?

orgullo-vikingo said...

Hi Steven:
I'm still interested, it is a pity those shipping costs, but i'm still interested.


Steven E. Gordon said...

Sorry Felipe...I did the best I could. When you're ready just PayPal me at