Monday, July 10, 2006

Because so many asked...

...I thought I would let everyone know that after the convention I will try to make the poster shown below available for sale over the internet. I will have to look into how to best ship it and ways to keep that cost down, but as soon as I know I'll let you know.
Thanks for all the interest....kinda makes me feel good.


Sebs said...

Thanks you for thinking about all your fan who hadn't the chance to go to the convention :)
I hope I'll be able to buy it from France :)

Ted. said...

Thank you Steve.
You are a scholar and a gentleman.

Someone said that to me once so I thought I would pass it on.

sPitter of the Rats said...

Someone called me that once too. Maybe the same person.

Anyway, I never buy stuff over the interweb so I'll be there @ Comic-Con next week. Bummed to hear about you not selling the Thark Attack poster. Maybe next year then?

Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear about the con, Steve! Good to see all your stuff up on the blog...Kind of stumbled upon it.
I worked with you on a few projects awhile back.
"x-men evolution"
"That crappy animated adam sandler movie"(my official title for it:)
Man..even as far back as "Swan Princess! (seems like ages ago doesnt it?)
Keep up the great work man! Always loved your stuff!