Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good SDCC news...

I haven't mentioned anything concerning what might happen at the San Diego Comic Con because I didn't want to jinx it. But it's confirmed...I will be sharing a booth at SDCC this year after all. Senti of Skelanimals and has generously offered to share his booth with Francesco Francavilla and myself.
We will be at booth #4609 near the Illustrators and Fine Artists section. It might be a hair crowded, but it sure beats walking around the convention and trying to sell my sketchbooks out of a backpack.

Now I can finally breath a little easier...especially since I went ahead and had some posters made just for the Convention. I was originally toying with finishing the John Carter of Mars picture, but not only was I running out of time, but after some feedback it seemed not as many people as I would've thought even knew anything about the book. So I decided to go with a new drawing of a character that had caused a legion of fan-sites to sprout up. I hope you'll agree I made the right choice.
What I'll be doing is selling the posters (and signing them) for $10 each or if you by a sketchbook I'll include a poster for just an additional $5. They're 18x24.

I'll also try and do as many sketches as I can and I might even take some commissions - time allowing, of course.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there.


Mini Wolfsbane said...

That Rogue sketch is just great!
I am waiting for my sketchbook
to arrive,but the wait is just
killing me!Hopefully it will come
soon.I think your art is fantastic
and I admire it very much.

Sebs said...

This poster is just great ! I want it ! :)

sPitter of the Rats said...

Will you still have any of the Thark Attack Sketches for sale? I love Burroughs related art and draw Carter, Tarzan, Napier & Innes pretty frequently myself. I'd love to get that sketch autographed. Plus when the movie comes out, (delayed though it may be) it'll seem all the much cooler.

The Rogue looks awesome though.

sahAL said...

Bahut Khoob!!
Simply wonderful

Steven E. Gordon said...

Thanks guys...we are definitely looking forward to the Con.

Spitter of the rats, I'm sorry, but I won't have time to finish the Mars piece in time for SDCC, but I might finish it later and sell it on-line for anyone interested.


Anonymous said...

Awesome poster. Any chance you'll be selling it on-line as well? We couldn't make the con this year. Your sketchbook was awesome, by the way.

Ted. said...

WOW Steve that poster is great.
Please, Please tell me you will be selling the poster online too.
Just say the word and i'll order the poster and sketchbook.