Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last Saturday night there was a book signing/party for Ralph Bakshi at Meltdown comics in LA in honor of the first Bakshi biography: Unfiltered (notice I said first - I'm assuming there will be more in the years to come). Since one of my sons lives in the area with his boyfriend it seemed like a good way to celebtrate an early Father's Day. We went to dinner and then walked down the street to Meltdown.

It was fun seeing Ralph again. I spoken to him once or twice on the phone in the last few years, but haven't seen him since the Cool World days - I think...but it's obvious from this photo I'm getting pretty old. Kind of looks like two old coots trying to carry on a conversation, eh? BTW that's Barry Jackson and Trish Doktor (BG designers for Cool World and lots more) and my 14 year old daughter looking embarrassed in the bottom right corner.

There's a link over to the side if you want to purchase the book .....or you could to Ralph's web-site and order an autographed copy

And here's a link to the ASIFA Animation Archive where you can find more pics from the event. If you haven't bookmarked this web-site already, you should.


Blaze Rocket said...

Not to be punny but- COOL. I sear, each time I learn that you worked on yet another great movie I saw as a kid, you just get that much more awesome.

That seems like a great blog, I'm definitely going to have to book mark it, once I stop moving every three weeks.

JRtist said...

Wow, congrats man! And ya know, you scare me when you say "I'm getting old" lol. Gotta get some more chance to meet my idol in person soon!

Great blog and thanks for the link to the other. Having a look at it now.

And 14 yr old daughter? Dang man, you ARE da man! lol

Sjan W said...

I totally love Cool World .. At least the animation part of it ;)
It must have been great working on it, because it looks like a lot of fun to make!

Steven E. Gordon said...

I'm not so sure how much fun working on Cool World was since I was actually only freelancing on it while I worked at another studio, but I was able to do a good chunk of all the Holli and Lonette animation.

Stephen James. said...

This may sound totally dumb but you're the guy in the white shirt right Steve? I've never seen a photo of you, only the drawing on this blog (which I assume is you)

Steven E. Gordon said...

my bad...should have labeled the pic better. Lft to Rt - Ralph Bakshi, Barry Jackson, Trish Doktor, me, my daughter.