Monday, May 26, 2008


Thought I'd let you take a look at a couple of my latest commissions - old school style with markers:

The bottom one is based on a costume Rogue wore for a school play in the episode Spykecam


Blaze Rocket said...

Yay, more commissions! The Rogue fans are going to love these ^_^

Though, now I'm curious- and I've probably already asked this, but... What kind of markers do you use?

Ted said...

Amazing as always Steve.
is there any chance you might put up a section on your site with bigger pics of some of the commissions?
i'm sure all of us evo fans would like to see the pics in all their glory.

adrian said...

Hi, I came across your blog while looking up reference pics of the xmen.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy all your work. Im studying animation in Ottawa Ontario and I find all the evolution designs are really inspiring.

cant wait to see more!

Steven E. Gordon said...

Blaze: I use Prismacolor and Copic markers, but I prefer PhotoShop...

Ted: Considering these are commissions I'm not sure how cool it would be for me to post them at a high enoogh resolution so they could be printed easily.


Thanks - always nice to be someone's inspiration.

Ted said...

Hey Steve thanks for the reply, and i understand your concern.

I was wondering what color are Rogue's eyes?
I noticed some of the animation had purple and some green.
I just thought i'd ask the man in charge.

Steven E. Gordon said...

I wasn't really the color guy on X-M:E though I was more than glad to add my 2 cents whenever I could. I do believe Rogue's eyes were green or least that's what I use whenever I do a color commission.

Ted said...

Cool, thanks Steve.

Anonymous said...

Her eyes are (mostly) grey in X-M:E.