Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Liberty Post...or the Washington Meadows...?

This week for the Fan Request Friday someone suggested I draw the characters from Liberty Meadows in honor of the great article about its creator Frank Cho in the Washington Post magazine this week.
I've been a fan and have admired Frank for quite awhile and would love to be him when I grow up (except for the being really short thing - I don't think I could handle being any shorter than I already am at 5'8"). He's finally getting a lot of the recognition that he deserves (including a big art show in France) and it seemed like a good idea to finally take a swing at Brandy and some of her friends. If you want to see what they should really look like and see how funny they can be then click on the links attached to the names above and by some of the compilations.


z00t said...

I love Liberty Meadows, and I love your art, Steven! This is such good stuff! :)

Princess Bubblegum said...

I would like to make another request, Mr. Gordon!
Two Venture Brothers characters: Hank and Dean Venture.
Thanks a bunch! You rock my socks.