Sunday, November 28, 2010

The lost weekend...

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  It was quite nice having a long weekend even though I had plenty of freelance to occupy the time I wasn't spending with family.
You'd think that in all that time I would've been able to draw more than just one Fan Request. I know I sure thought I would. In fact, I had planned on doing several drawings and had even started them, but realized I was running out of time and the freelance kept calling to me...if you know what I mean. I had even imagined that the weekend was so long that I'd have time to tackle a couple of personal projects. Silly me. Maybe next 4-day weekend, eh?

Anyway, I need to post this and get back to the freelance.
Someone suggested Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. My son introduced me to her books some time ago (maybe a dozen years ago?) and I read the first one, but I must admit that was as far as I got. Maybe I'll have to re-visit the series at a later date. In my free time, of course. With all the interest these days in vampires I'm kind of surprised these books still haven't made it to film though it is nice to see that the books have been translated into comics.

I'd also like to thank Jessica Steele Allen who's photo I borrowed for this particular drawing.

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Blaze Rocket said...

Iiiiiii'd be wary.The books get progressively worse and worse as they go. Even hardcore fans recommend you stop reading by book 10; after that the plot gets lost, and everything is just softcore porn. Which- to be fair, it was BEFORE, too, but at least there was a somewhat interesting story driving it forward then. It's a bit sad to see such a strong female character reduced to that though.

BEAUTIFUL work on the fan requests though. I wish I had time to comment on them all!