Monday, June 23, 2008

Clip time again....

Just in case some of you haven't seen it yet...

They are also screening the first three episodes on Saturday of the San Diego Comic-Con (as it says at the end of the video - though it appears they got the date wrong)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last Saturday night there was a book signing/party for Ralph Bakshi at Meltdown comics in LA in honor of the first Bakshi biography: Unfiltered (notice I said first - I'm assuming there will be more in the years to come). Since one of my sons lives in the area with his boyfriend it seemed like a good way to celebtrate an early Father's Day. We went to dinner and then walked down the street to Meltdown.

It was fun seeing Ralph again. I spoken to him once or twice on the phone in the last few years, but haven't seen him since the Cool World days - I think...but it's obvious from this photo I'm getting pretty old. Kind of looks like two old coots trying to carry on a conversation, eh? BTW that's Barry Jackson and Trish Doktor (BG designers for Cool World and lots more) and my 14 year old daughter looking embarrassed in the bottom right corner.

There's a link over to the side if you want to purchase the book .....or you could to Ralph's web-site and order an autographed copy

And here's a link to the ASIFA Animation Archive where you can find more pics from the event. If you haven't bookmarked this web-site already, you should.