Saturday, March 12, 2011


Because of the news yesterday - the devastating earthquake in Japan - I decided to suspend calling out for suggestions for FanRequestFriday. It seemed kind of silly to carry on with such trivial pursuits in the wake of the news, but don't worry I will return to it next Friday - unless, of course something else comes along that is equally devastating *ptoot, ptoot, ptoot* (spitting 3 times is an old Jewish tradition of warding off the evil eye or bad luck for those of you not in the tribe).

Speaking of news (pretty tacky segue, eh?) I have some news myself. After finishing my stint as a director on the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes  - season 2 I've taken the position of Supervising Director on a new series that's a continuation of a fan favorite from many years ago. No, it's not Marvel and X-Men related. The series has been announced, but I'm still hesitant to reveal what it is since those in charge probably want to control any publicity or news coming out about it. It's a show that I've been involved with since it was originally pitched and now they've offered me a chance to see it through post production.

So, with that out of the way, I will now post my choices (for the last 2 weeks) for Fan Request Friday:

This first one has been requested consistently ever since the Coen Brother's excellent True Grit came out into theaters. True Grit was film I enjoyed quite a bit and I almost always enjoy Jeff Bridges acting (though I haven't seen the reboot of Tron yet)

I usually try to avoid drawing actors' likenesses and this week (actually 2 weeks) I ended up doing two drawings with three actors. Anyone who has been with me for awhile probably knows that I was a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon's series not the movie, of course) and since I've already drawn Buffy and Angel it seemed fitting that I draw Buffy and Spike - or Spuffy as it was requested. I went a little more animation style on  this one and I think it came out nicer than the drawing I did of Buffy and Angel (Bangel?). I might have to revisit that one sometime in the future and take another crack at it.

This last one is pretty obscure, but it intrigued me - as it has every time I've seen these characters. A bullet shaped helmet?  Really? Anyway, it gave me a chance to go retro so I went with it. Here is Bullet Man and Bullet Girl from the 1940s

Thursday, March 03, 2011


The Animation Community's annual memorial ceremony is coming up this Saturday.

The Animation Guild, ASIFA Hollywood and Women In Animation present


a celebration of the lives of departed friends from our animation community:

Aron Abrams, Alex Anderson, Yvonne “Vonnie” Batson, Tom Bird, Betty Brooks, Charlie Callas, Eddie Carroll, Robert Culp, Robert Dettloff, John Dorman, Peter Fernandez, Frank Frazetta, Ronald Gans, John Garling, Tony Geiss, Colene Gonzales, Louis Gorham, Ernie Guanlao, Heidi Guedel Garofalo, Steven Hodgson, Ben Hurst, Chris Jenkyns, Alex Johns, Kihachiro Kawamoto, Peter Keefe, Betty Kimball, Aron Kincaid, Kip King, Boyd Kirkland, Satoshi Kon, Rudy Larriva, Annette Leavitt, Phil Lewis, Bill Littlejohn, Carl Macek, Diane Jacobs Matranga, Grant McCune, Robert McIntosh, Judy Niver, Ann Oliphant, Shana Ozark, Betty Paraskevas, J. C. Ponce, Tom Ray, Dan Read, Billie Mae Richards, Jesus Rodriguez, Pres Romanillos, Ken Sanders, Don Schloat, Sara Seaberry, John Sparey, Claudia Ross Thompson, Te Wei, Andrew Witkin, Ilene Woods
Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food and refreshments, noon
Memoriams, 1 pm

Hollywood Heritage Museum (Lasky-DeMille Barn)
2100 N. Highland (across from Hollywood Bowl), Hollywood

The Afternoon is free of charge and is open to all; no RSVPs are necessary.