Thursday, June 09, 2011

Too long away from Holmes...

I was doing pretty good for awhile and posting pretty regularly and then things got busy again - or I just got too lazy (maybe a little of both). I even fell way behind on the main thing I blog about these days - drawing and posting my Friday Fan Request. Well, I can't promise I'll be anymore consistent, but I sure will try.

These should cover the last few missed weeks:

First up is Deadpool. He's a character I only became aware of somewhat recently and see that he seems either loved or hated by many fans. Actually I'm kind of surprised his name had never been submitted before.

I've been asked to draw Star War characters off and on and I've been hesitant to do it too often since there are so many better artists currently doing it, but I thought if I could come up with something a little humorous a weaker drawing might not be as important. I tried to put a little something in this drawing for everyone - a little cheesecake, a little bit of gender switching/cross dressing and a joke. Hopefully it's a funny joke. I personally don't buy the theory that George Lucas knew all about Luke and Leia being related when the first film was made and this is me having a little fun with that idea.

This last one started out as a request for just Sherlock Holmes and I decided to add a second character to it. Mary Russell. For those of you not familiar with the character - assuming you're a Holmes fan - then you should really read these books edited by Laurie R. King. She is just the editor because these books are taken from manuscripts written by Mary Russell in the same way that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle just edited Dr. Watson's manuscripts. I've read a lot of  post-Doyle Holmes books and I can absolutely say that these are the best. They really seem to capture the spirit of the originals in a way that many do not and what is also nice about them is they deal with Holmes' life after he retires (though it seems some people can never really retire), Here's a link that gives you some more info about this series and go here to purchase some of the books. I wished I had thought to refresh my memory by going to Wikipedia (at least) before drawing this - I wouldn't have made her hair so dark as was pointed out to me by many of King's fans. Another fringe benefit to occur from this drawing is that Laurie R. King saw it and liked it enough to send me a note. Ahh the power of Twitter....

In case I don't have time to post before June 16th I wanted to let everyone know that the new series I'm working on, Voltron Force, premieres that evening on NickToons. If you're on Facebook go check out this trailer for it - if you're not on FB then go check out NickToon's Voltron Force page here