Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A question...

Since I'm going to be sitting around at SDCC with my sketchbook for sale a couple of friends suggested I also print up some inexpensive posters to sell as well and sign.

Now my question for all of you is (and it's a three-parter):
1.) Does this sound like something that might sell - would you buy it?
2.) What price should this sell for?
3.) Is there a particular image from the web-site I should use or should I create a new one? Any suggestions?

In the meantime here's another quick sketch I made while sitting around...

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Little 'Batty'

I've been pretty busy lately with post production on The Condor (still and probably for at least another month) and working on the designs for the new books for HarperCollins so I haven't had too much time. Or anything really new to report. I saw the pdf file for the sketchbook and I'm sure anyone who buys it will be pretty happy.
I scribbled this while on a couple of phone calls and thought it turned out kinda nice.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Coming to a convention near you...

I thought I'd give everyone a little preview of the cover for my sketchbook. It should be ready just in time for SDCC. Francesco Francavilla is putting it together for me. He's the genius that put together my web-site and now he also has his own web-site where you can check out some of his great artwork. Its address is: http://www.francescofrancavilla.com/ and is well worth a look.
Hopefully you've noticed that I'm also being a whore and advertising for the Ultimate Avengers DTV and the two HarperCollins X-Men 3 books I worked on. These links will take you to Amazon and if you're going to buy them then use these links and yours truly gets some kick back...