Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Past Blast...

Several years ago (beginng of 2007) I was hired by Marvel/Lionsgate to be the  character designer for their new direct-to-video adaptation of the Ultimate X-Men Vs. The Ultimate Avengers (or something like that).  This was after my stint designing the first and second Ultimate Avengers DTVs and after I didn't make the grade on designing  for Young Avengers or New Avengers or whatever they were called. I spent quite a few weeks  (paid weeks) doing quite a bit of work on these designs. They were HEAVILY influenced by the comics - I guess they still weren't interested in my own style - and so if you recognize some of the faces, costumes and even some of the poses there's a good reason for that. The UXM Vs the UA was supposed to be only half of the DTV and the other half was going to be a Thor adaptation.

The project was scrapped and replaced with the the Hulk Vs DTVs. We thought they might eventually re-greenlight it, but that obviously never happened. I don't know if it had anything to do with the more mature angle that was intended (as evidenced by the Pietro and Wanda realtionship) or if they didn't think there was a big enough audience for this project or maybe there was another reason altogether...

I recently found them on an old hard drive and thought they held up pretty decently. I started posting some of them at and thought I should post them here as well...consider it a Holiday treat.

I'll try and post more images soon and I might even post some of the Thor images that were intended for the second half of the project as well....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Things are a-brewin'...

It's been awhile and I should've gotten back to everyone and reported what a smashing success the CTN Expo was - or it seemed to me. It had all the trappings and feel of a long established and supported Comic-Con (though not the size). Lots of old faces and many new ones as well. Plenty of demos and panels and recruiters like Blue Sky, Cartoon Network and Sony. If you are at all interested in animation either as a fan or someone in the industry, or wanting to get into the industry, then you should make plans to come next year. I can't recommend it enough.

Anyway, now for an update...I am finishing my third HarperCollins children's book featuring DC characters Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - two of the books are printed and I assume will be available at Amazon and your local bookstore soon. I'll post a link for them as soon as I see them listed on Amazon. I've also just finished a book for GrosettDunlap based on the DreamWorks film Shrek Goes Forth which I assume will be released around the time of the film next year.

I'm also working on several projects that I hope will soon see the light of day - including the secret one I've alluded to in the past (though, at this point, they're all secret until they are ready to be announced).

I'm also working on a lot of commissions that I had been putting off for sometime. I'll try to post them as I can.

This one was based on an old EC comic cover with the twist that the commissioner wanted to have an 'erotic' element added - in this case a naked girl replacing the original guy.