Friday, March 22, 2013

Something new....

For all of you that have been waiting with bated breath, my new sketchbook has finally arrived and available for purchase by all of you very discerning art fans.

You can either pick it up from me personally at WonderCon where I'll be in Artist Alley (table AA-038) March 29 - 31 or at Big Wow where I'll be May 18 and 19 or you can order a copy through the CTN store where you can also pick up my other sketchbook.

While at those conventions, besides selling books and prints I will also be doing on-site commissions. With my busy schedule I don't always have time for commissions, but it is my practice to take on commissions prior to a convention. I have taken on as many as I can already prior to WonderCon, but I will start taking on more commissions shortly before Big Wow. I'll announce when that will happen pretty soon.
Here are a few of the commissions I'm working on for WonderCon (there are a couple I can't show due to they are planned as surprises - or are NSFW)

Now for the mad rush to get these finished in time for WonderCon so I don't have to work too much on them while there....