Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kickstart this...

I'm the artist for a proposed graphic novel called The Craver. It's a really cool story that features a cool monster design (my design of course), mad scientists and Nazis. The plan is for this to eventually make it's way to film and Doug Jones (of Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth fame) is going to play the Craver. I can't imagine anyone that likes monster movies wouldn't like this project.

I'll let you read more about the project here: The Craver.  There's details as to what you receive for a specific contribution and there will be updates aplenty.
Here's some of the art of created for the project:

I assume all of you know what Kickstarter is...? If you don't, it's what is called "crowd funding" which means a project is put out to the masses and everyone can contribute and by contributing they can receive some cool rewards as well as helping to get a project they like made. The money you promise to the project is only given to the project if it receives full funding. If it doesn't reach the set goal then no money exchanges hands. This is a really great way for independent productions to get funded without having to go through the usual corporate back and forth.

So go there and contribute. You'll be glad you did...

...and feel to pass this onto anyone that you think might also find this interesting.