Friday, August 25, 2006

A little clarification....

In my last I answered a question that really threw me. It was the one concerning all the Gay fan pairings of characters. My answer seems to have caused a little stir over on the Marvel Forum so I felt I had better clarify my answer a little before it gets misuderstood futher.
I said we felt Kurt might be Gay. That doesn't mean we ever played him as Gay or implied in anyway he was Gay. To be honest I doubt everyone thought this way - but I know I did. As to his incarnation as a priest in the comics we had no interest in using that aspect of him whatsoever - as far as I knew.
The other concern was a flip comment I made about Risty and Rogue. This is where the clarification really comes into it. Mystique was Gay so that would make Risty Gay - we even had some fun with using purple as her main color and her earring, but it was all subtle enough not to be claear to anyone too young or not in the know. Did it appear a Gay character was hitting on Rogue? Yes. But was Risty/Mystique actually hitting on Rogue? No. She behaved as many mothers might behave, but when those concerns are translated into those of a same-sex peer it can appear as if there is more to it than that. Especially since we were able to keep Risty's secret for so long. My comment about a possible weird relationship between Risty and Rogue was probably a mistake. It was a joke and probably not a very good one...oh, well.

Next time I'll bee more careful with any jokes - I've got a very dry sense of humor that my wife tells me isn't always clear to others... ;)


Anonymous said...

Whups! Sorry! I didn`t mean for you to get in any hot water over that question- I was just currious. Oh well... You know what they Say about curriousity and the proverbial cat. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I think people took this gayness thing a little too far,anyways,I liked your joke!

I was wondering if we could get a X-M:E music video as a speacial featurettte in season 4 DVD. Is it possible? Obviously u guys dont need to make new animations,just enchance the previous ones and I think we can get something good out of it.

Anonymous said...

A music video you say,well check out my account at youtube,I've got some Evo videos.Hope that gives u an idea.U can view more by other Evo-fans too,at
My link is:

Anonymous said...

Since some of u are discussing Evo music,I've decided to post in my two cents.

Mr.Steve,is there a way to contact William Anderson?I have a request.I just want the " I'm only a girl " song's music and not the lyrics,only the music.Can u please pass on my requesto William Anderson,composer of X-Men:Evolution.

Also,is it possible to get all the X-Men Evolution Music on a CD??

And dont worry about the Kurt gay topic,its all clear now.thanks.

Unknown said...

Blaze...No problem.

anonymous...unfortunately I have absolutely no control over what they do or don't put on the DVDs.

palma...I believe this is his web-site:

But besides that i can't help you any further with that.

Anonymous said...

Kurt never struck me as gay, just European. (Quicksilver on the other hand...) In fact during season one, he seemed to have a blossoming romance with Kitty Pryde. Then in season two he got paired with normie Amanda and Kitty hooked up with Avalanche of all people. These made for for wonderful storylines but "Kurtty" remains my favorite coupling that never was.

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like to know there is an artist on Deviant Art who is coloring your sketches and claiming credit for the lineart:

Unknown said...

Thanks anonymous...I sent her a note...we'll see if it does any good.

BTW I haven't been ignoring any of your questions...well, I won't ignore them forever. I just have to wrap a deadline first.

hang tight

Ted said...

Sorry Steve but I thought it was kind of funny when i read your original post about the gay characters. I thought"he doesn't know what he's starting"
just from trying to find evo character design pics online I have seen some very interesting couplings. :)
The Ritsy/Rogue thing is really crazy as Mystique is concidered her pseudo adopted mother in regular continuity, so there's a headtrip for you.
I expect a healthy batch of new pics coming and more fansites devoted to that slash.

Mokuu said...

Hey Steve!

Did you work on the latest Ultimate avengers movie? If not on which project are you currently working on?
Oh and i forgot to tell you, thank you for the sketchbook, its a definitive help in my animation studies!

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally got around to ordering that kickin' Rogue poster.
(I wish it was in color, but I guess you can't have everything.
Well,some things just look cooler in B + W,anyway.)

Anyway,I was just writing to say that I still make fan-art
and some fan-fic.The show is still
very much alive with me,
so while I'm here writing I just want to say that it is nice that it was even created.You and everyone who worked
on it did an amazing job and there
has been more then one day that
this show has made me happy and given me so much joy.This whole year has been a very hard one for
me because of some difficult
family stuff.
XM:E has given me something to get my mind off everything.Thank you for being involved in such a series.

Unknown said...

mokuu....yes, I did all the character designs for the Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and I co-directed the first (all the best parts, of course ;))

ted...yes, I still have a lot to learn about what can trigger a storm of reaction....what shocks me the most is how fans of a show/comic that has 'tolerence' as its subtext has so many fans that aren't.
BUT I will say it one more time...we never portrayed Kurt as Gay in anyway...I just always felt he might be Gay - it helped me develop his character. It might have something to do with him putting on a disguise to always fit into society. I also felt Kurt might be a pot smoker/partier...but , once again, these were only ways for me to develop his personality. I also thought of Pietro as a 'speed' freak (not Gay as others seem to think) and always drew his eyes as if he were rushing and Tabby as the school slut. These are just ways that I use to create fuller personailities for the characters. My mistake was in sharing my process with anyone, I guess...ooops...did I say too much again?

Ted said...

Well Steve I just got the Season 3 dvd today. I when I watch it tonight I think i'll get more out of it then I would have before.

Anonymous said...

*squeals high enough to break glass*

I got my Rogue poster today and I must say that I LOVE IT!!!

It was much bigger then I was
expecting and I can't wait to put it up!It really is a lovely poster
and a great,new part of my X-Men collection.

Thanks again.
You're the best,Mr.Gordon!