Friday, November 10, 2006

A few more scenes...

Recently Boyd Kirkland gave me a CD full of art I did on X-Men:Evolution - it contained a lot of stuff I had some how lost before I was smart enough to back everything up. It had quite a few scenes of animation including scenes I'd animated of Kitty and Rogue dnacing from season 1 (our homage to Buffy) , some more dancing from "A Walk on the Wild Side" and a couple of walk cycles and even an FX test for Cyclops. All of which I've now added to the Animation section of my web-site.

Also a 'No-Prize' needs to be awarded to Blaze Rocket! Blaze Rocket's sharp eyes caught this image on The Ultimate Avengers DVD

and correctly identified the Alpha Team member third from the left on the top row (though my hair isn't quite that white - yet). Besides yours truly the team also includes Curt Geda (top left) and several other UA crew members.

Speaking of which, I also had a little fun with some of the photos in Bucky's house. This one was based on my parent's wedding photo - though the photo of Bucky with President Truman was based on a photo I found on-line.


Anonymous said...

Whoo! No-Prize! :D

I am truely digging the new animations, especially Blob's walk cycle. You get a real feel for how much weight he's packing! Considering he wasn't really a 'mobile' character on the show, it's interesting to just watch the walk cycle and get a feel for how all that mass moves around.

Anonymous said...

Fun animations, I think my favorites are the ones of Rogue and Kitty dancing.

Unknown said...

thanks...they were fun to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm in my second year in animation and can only hope to one day be able to animate some characters dancing. I was in high school when the episode 'with the dancing' aired. I recorded every episode then and i gatta say, thats the sequence ive watched the most.

Your animations alone inspired me to get into thanks. Here's hoping my demo next year will be good enough!


Anonymous said...

jean/amara rox!