Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mazel tov to the Rat!!

Though I'm not completely surprised I am glad I was wrong about my fellow members of the Academy and they did make Ratatouille the winner of Best Animated Feature. Congrats to Brad Bird and everyone at Pixar that worked on it. Also congrats to the Best Animated Short Peter and the Wolf and everyone else that received an Oscar this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steven,
Glad to see Ratatouille win. Congratulations to the folks @ Pixar.

I'll be keeping an eye out for Terminator Salvation. Perhaps you can post a preview of some of those storyboards, if you get a chance.

Good luck on the job search. Hopefully your 'secret project' will get picked up. I will wait patiently to read about that one, when it does.

Till next time

Marcos Gp said...

This year short film nominees were so over the top!

And all the features nominees were really the best three animated movies of the year, I was so happy to see surf's up in the list it was the less pretentious of the list and it was a solid piece of entertainment with no obvious flaws as the two cents :)