Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coming soon...

With only a few weeks before the Comic-Con International I thought I'd use this time to mention a few of the panels that I'm going to try and watch. If you checkl out the entire schedule you can spend every minute of every day going to nothing but panels and still not see everything that you might be interested in and never have a moment to walk the hot, sweaty, cramped aisles of the display floor itself (and that would be a real shame)

4:15-5:15 Lionsgate/Marvel: Hulk vs. Wolverine
5:00-6:00 Spotlight on Bernie Wrightson
8:30-10:00 Marvel/Lionsgate: Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow World Premiere
10:15-11:15 Spotlight on Ralph Bakshi
1:15-2:00 Warner Bros.: Terminator Salvation
8:30-10:00 Marvel: Wolverine and The X-Men Animated Screening
11:00 AM - NOON / Room 7AB
Remembering Dave Stevens

(I'll let any of you attending do the work and find out what rooms these will be in if you're interested)

With any luck at all next year the project that I've been hinting about for awhile (and a few of you have guessed) might have a presence at Comic-Con. We are getting closer every day and things are shaping up nice financially.

In the meantime here's another couple of roughs for commissions that I'm working on as well as a more polished piece:


Anonymous said...

Hey Steven,
Unfortunately, I won't make it to San Diego.
Looks like I'll be missing quite a bit.

Those sketches look great!


Anonymous said...

Hello Steve :) Finally got a chance to type smthing ^^ I've got a question: what pencil(s) did u use ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, those sketches are gorgeous. O_O I have got to save some money to commission a Lance/Kitty from you.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL sketches- I especially like the Magneto one. You sure do know how to make people happy.

I have a friend who's going to that con, but alas- it is yet another event on the list of events I cannot attend. Too bad! It looks fun, and interesting to boot.

Anonymous said...

Who's the woman in the commission with Magneto?

Unknown said...

I use mostly HB Staedtler Mars Lumograph for the actual drawing and Prismacolor 90% Cool Grey for most of the shadowing.

Magneto's 'squeeze' is a character created by the person that commissioned the piece from me.

Stephen James. said...

Yup, those are pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the info :) 1 more lil question, Steve, is there any special word for your drawing style? I mean like "S. Gordon's unique style" or is it something else?

Neoneel (25)

Unknown said...

I don't beleive it has a name...just my own style (I think).

Anonymous said...

oh my god this is amazingly beautiful! i wish so much there was season 5!

Louie Escauriaga said...


Gina Dee said...

Those are really nice, can't wait to see how the Rogue/Gambit turns out.

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