Saturday, January 16, 2010

Someone wanted to talk to me...

Due to the previous post I attracted the attention of a nice Marvel web-site called Marvel Animation Age over on the Toonzone web-site. If you're not aware of the site you should be - it's always full of interesting news, tidbits and duiscussion and I 'm not saying that because they've occasionally interviewed me either - though it helps.
Anyway, they asked me some other questions about the DTV of the Ultimate X-Men vs. the Ultimate Avengers so if you're interested mozy on over there by clicking on the link

And since I mentioned it in the interview I thought I'd show a couple of samples from the Thor DTV that never went too far (with me at least).

These were obviuosly heavily influenced by Jack Kirby, John Buscema and Walt Simonson.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah could definately see some Buscema-isms in your last few, particularly in the clasped hands and the little squiggles on the legs. Total Kirby in the first few. Very nice stuff, Steve, as usual!