Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dove's a girl?...

It's news to me. Last time I saw these characters I was a young kid buying comics for 12 cents. Frankly, I didn't care so much for the characters even with Ditko and Kane art in them, but when I heard of Dove being a girl that definitely intrigued me. Since these characters (in this boy/girl incarnation)  had been requested  several weeks and by a couple of different people I went with it for Fan Request Friday.

It's a little late because yesterday I spent most of the day at a charity event for the City of Hope. They were having a picnic and Scott Shaw! was looking for artists to sit around and draw requests for the kids and their parents. I must have drawn a couple of dozen (at least) superheroes and other misc characters. It was good to see these kids so happy and excited and hopefully I was able to contribute a little to that. There were lots to do there in the way of games and food to eat as well as costume characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter and DC comics. There might have been more going on, but I was too busy drawing.

I also wanted to alert you to the fact that my latest book from HarperCollins is now fully listed on Amazon and you should probably rush out and order it before it becomes a collector's item. Well, maybe not, but you still might enjoy it and the price is good. Just click on the link below and while you're at it look for my other books from HarperCollins and also my Shrek 4 book from GrossetDunlap

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