Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Running a little late...

...well, actually quite a bit late.
But I have an excuse - I swear. I found myself knee deep in storyboard revisions and it took a lot longer than expected (doesn't it always?) and add that to trying to spend as much extra time as I could with the family and all I can say is thank God for three day weekends.

This week it seemed like a good idea to address one of the most consistent suggestions I get. Not only has this been a request every Friday since I started Fan Request Friday, but I also get asked all the time to draw these characters for commissions and whenever I'm at some event. Which is a good thing. It's nice to know these particular incarnations of these characters have left such an indelible mark on so many people.

So here are Wolverine, Kitty and Rogue ala X-Men: Evolution.

And as a bonus offering (since I was so late) I'm also including another character that is suggested quite often: Link from the Legend of Zelda.

I hope all of you had a good 4th of July!


Blaze Rocket said...

Awesome awesome awesome. It's a goo thing you don't mind drawing them, because I very much doubt the love for your Evo designs is going anywhere, any time soon.

Any plans to attend Comicon this year?

Lisa S. said...

*squee* Wolverine and Rogue! Wolverine with his arm around Rogue!! Why, Yes, I am a hopeless 'shipper, how did you know?

Link is awesome as well!

Isis M. Nocturne said...

I too am a 'shipper of Wolverine and Rogue, so I second Lisa's squees!

I also would love to know if you're going to be at Comic-Con, because I'd love to tell you in person what an awesome artist you are!

DarkStar said...

Sketch is good but there is something odd in kitty.

JRtist said...

I find humor in the fact you throw down lines with Buck Rogers, and the Phantom and other characters but get no response on your blog. Yet you get response when you do the XME's lol

Very cool stuff, Boss. It's always fun to see what comes outta that brain pan of yours.

Looking forward to this coming weekend. Hope you're well rested, Boss.

Unknown said...

I knew I'd get a positive reaction from the XME fans. Never fails and I'm very beholding to all of you.

I don't draw these guys as often as I probably shou.dbecause it kind of seems like cheating in a way so for the FRFs I promised myself not to go there too often, but you can rest assured that these guys will pop up periodically.

Françoise De Boer said...

I really missed X - Evo but I'm a big Legend of Zelda's fan too so thanks so much for these pics :D


I'm a 'shipper of Wolverine and Mystique...(*Suplicando T...T*) and I totally support Gambit x Rogue :D


I love your artwork... it is always pretty cool XD!
I am a big dreamer I hope to get a job like yours someday, somehow (*suplicando T...T*)

BTW 2:

Do you Speak Spanish or French?

Dhananjay said...

Just love the X-men characters,very unique they are!hope I acquire command over the pencil as you have!gr8 Sir!

SwordsMaster said...

Kitty is looking kinda smug there. She and Rogue are looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes, almost like they're holding a mini convo...

Kitty: TOLD ya he likes you.
Rogue: ... Shut up.