Friday, April 01, 2011

When it rains...

Once again I'm running late on my choices for Fan Request Friday, but this time the reasons are more mechanical than organic.
I had been working pretty steadily on quite a few choices all week and thought it'd be nice to post them before Friday's next request went out.
Now that I'm working pretty exclusively at home for awhile I'd planned on getting a bigger, better computer, but I wanted to wait a few more weeks before I made that big of a purchase and I hate changing computers and having to reload all my software and programs and drivers, etc. - thankfully all my files are already on external drives so that's not an issue. But apparently computers have a mind of their own. I've spent the entire day Thursday screwing and fighting with Outlook and my computer in general.  I guess my current computer decided it wanted to push up that timeline if it could, so instead of getting ahead on work and FRF choices I just spent the day rebooting Outlook and my computer over and over.
Finally I've gotten it to the point where it's somewhat functional....somewhat...

Anyway, here are my choices for the last 2 weeks:

The first is Creeper. This is a character I've had little contact with even though he was created when I still read comics years ago. He never interested me that much just like Ditko's other attempts to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time. I thought I'd try to update his look a bit - or, at least, his hair style. Not sure it helped or not.

This one was an interesting challenge for me. I never liked most of the other versions of Balrog I've seen, from all the fanart to the Bakshi film to Jackson's version (though I will say Jackson's was probably the best). Not sure if this is any better, but I had some fun with it. If I have time I might take this to full color and that should improve it considerably

Popeye has been suggested several times and I wasn't sure how to approach it. I could do a straight cartoony version and keep him on model or I could go very staright and just make it look like a muscular guy in a sailor suit, but then I take the chance of making it seem as if I'm not capable of drawing in a cartoony style (that is an accusation that gets thrown at a lot of us action/adventure artists in animation quite a bit). So I thought I'd go with a hybrid and use my own sense of cartoony/straight . Not sure it works, but I had some fun with it.

And last, but not least is something I'd been playing with since frank died and finally decided to just finish the portion featuring Larn and Teegra. haven't drawn these characters since I finished work on the film and now I remember why I didn't animate that many scenes of Teegra.

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