Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Dark Tower

It seems like it's been years (I guess it has been actually)since I started reading and listening to Stephen King's The Dark Tower CD series, but I've finally completed the journey along with Roland. The last two books I listened to on audio CD (unabridged, of course) and it was quite enjoyable. The readings were great and the writing was, of course, exemplory. The ending was anti-climatic, also of course, but after 7 books and 20+ years how couldn't it be? But I've learned over the years not to read (or listen to) Stephen King for the exciting endings. It's the journey. I think even he knows that at this point and even alluded to that fact by the end of The Dark Tower CD.
One of my favorite Stephen King books of recent vintage was Bag of Bones. That one had a much more satisfying ending. Stepen King actually does the reading on the Bag of Bones CD and does an excellent job - as I guess any writer reading their own material should.

Over the years, I've often sat down and tried to do a drawing or two based on the Dark Tower, but was never satisfied. Maybe sometime still in the future....

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