Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've just been notified that my original plan for the temporary way to sell my new sketchbooks won't work as I thought it would. Apparently there isn't a place to notate that you want my 2nd book when you click on the PayPal icon for my 1st book. So let's go to temporary plan B: just go to PayPal and use my e-mail address and fill it out for $20 (assuming you want only one) and indicate that it's for E&A 2. Hopefully by this weekend I will arrange something a little more permanent.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't planning on waiting till after the weekend.
Just in case you sell out, which I would expect, I just sent the transfer via paypal email.

Can't wait for the sketchbook.
I already have E&A # 1.

Keep posting.
I'm looking forward to more on that 'Ultra Top Secret Project'. LOL

Anonymous said...

I just sent my order! I'm super excited to get the new book and add it to my collection of Awesome Steven E Gordon Stuff.

Thanks so much!