Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to 100%...

A couple of weeks ago I had the dire misfortune of having a kidney stone.Ugh, such a pain I've never known before! I assumed this was what women experience during childbirth, but I have it on good authority (from a few women who've experienced both) that this is worse. As if that wasn't enough the painkillers they gave me, Norco, put my intestines to sleep- later I found out that I should have been taking Phillip's Milk of Magnesia pills at the same time to avoid this problem. Two trips to the emergency room, two nights in the hospital, a nose tube (NEVER AGAIN!!!) and a liquid diet for the better part of a week and I'm back and running...in a manner of speaking.

Anyway, I worked as much as I could during all of that (except for the time in the hospital, obviously), but now I'm busy trying to catch up as best I can and I am doing pretty good overall. Unfortunately what is suffering are my commissions. Don't worry, those of you with commissions, I am working on them as my schedule permits. They will all get done. Just bear with me and be patient - and accept my apolgies for the delay.

In the meantime please feel free to enjoy these images that you have probably never seen before. Many are roughs for commissions that went another direction or designs that were never used (as far as I know, at least) and some are sketches that were drawn in sketchbooks.


JRtist said...

I for one and glad to hear you're better man. I don't have a commission with you (yet) but I am pretty sure all your commissioners understand and sympathize man.

I love these pieces you put up for us all to see. Very sweet! My favourite... Kitty pride sketch from one of your books for someone... I LOVE THAT! lol

Glad to hear you're feeling better tho man! Keep in touch when you can and hey... take it easy when you can too.

Later Bro!

Segun said...

gosh, that must have been rough.
Wish you a speedy recovery.
Nice sketches!
Take care of yourself,
from a fan.

Blaze Rocket said...

As always- will it ever NOT be?- Excellent stuff. I really like the shading and shapes on the Wolverine-Sistine Chapel one. And the world always needs more Lance and Scott. And the rest of Evo too...

Glad to hear you're back in the saddle. May you never have to go through that again!

Autumn said...

How awful! I'm glad you're feeling better.
Beautiful work, of course!

- Autumn

Percy Bysshe said...

Cool sketches... welcome back!

Mokuu said...

Oh man, the dreaded kidney stone. You've survived the most spartan experience. I hope the recovery goes well bro. Thats one scary experience.

ZeroHart said...

Welcome back! good to know you are fine! Keep on drawing you have a legacy to leave with your art!