Monday, December 13, 2010

A new record...

Lately it seems like every week I'm apologizing or trying to justify why I'm so late to post the choice for Fan Request Friday. Well, this week I think I've outdone myself.  But I do have a good excuse. Sunday I went with the whole family to Disneyland and barely had time to do any work at all and with so little time being spent on the board it seemed a little frivolous to spend time doing the FRF drawing.

Anyway, enough with weak explanations...
This weeks choice is Firebreather. It was suggested by Andy Kuhn himself and when the creator of a character suggests I do their creation it's a little hard to refuse. I've admired Andy's work for some time and I really like the look of Firebreather. In fact, I'm a little disappointed that when they adapted it to a move on Cartoon Network they didn't use more of his style and make it a 2D film. But I've heard that the movie did really well and hope Andy and his co-creator, Phil Hester, benefit greatly from its success. My drawing isn't nearly as cool or graphic as what Andy does, but I had fun doing it...

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JRtist said...

LOL I know Phil. He comes to Artist Jams and Free Comic Book day with myself and a few other artists in Omaha. Great guy.

I asked if because Firebreather was on CN now, if he was a millionaire. He said yes. LOL.

Great piece Steve and stop saying you're sorry for being late. You have a life and a family (ties in with Life I guess) and a number of gigs you're plate spinning.

You're FRF's are a favor to all of us fans who adore your work. I am hoping that these FRF's start to get the idea across to more people to commission you for a piece of work. Lord knows I'm trying to get there (Must draw more reference first however)

I personally thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do these. It shows a lot of guts, inspiration, motivation and determination to not only make your fans and new fans happy, it shows a person, such as myself that even though you're busy with life and many other gigs, you can stop to have some fun and stretch out those creative muscles for an hour or so when you are tired of working on something else.

So, thank you for all of that. (Didn't know it meant that much to me, didja!)

Hope you're having a Happy Hanukkah and or soon to have a Merry Christmas.