Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not too late...

Despite the holidays coming up there were still some really great suggestions and I wish I could've gotten to a few more. But, because of the holidays coming up, I have quite a few deadlines that needed to be tackled and those, unfortunately, come first. Crazy, huh?
Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in few more next weekend so don't give up and keep making your suggestions.

Here's one that's been suggested almost every week for quite awhile now and I thought it was time to tackle it. I vaguely recall Ultraman from way back when, but I don't recall watching many of the shows (movies?) This one's for you Little John.

And don't forget that my sketchbooks are still available - both of them. Just click on the link to the side for my 2nd sketchbook and if you want the first one instead of the second just mention that in the instructions for Paypal or e-mail me directly.

1 comment:

Little John said...

Fantastic! Great rendition of one of my favorite characters.