Saturday, June 10, 2006


I keep tabs on some of the comic/animation news web-sites and I happened to come across a photo of Jean Grey/Phoenix from X3 and it reminded me of when Boyd and I were doing research for the HarperCollins X3 books. We had to go downtown to Marvel's offices and make sketches from their set and publicity photographs. We weren't allowed to make copies or take photos so we had to sit around for hours sketching and making notes. I guess they were afraid we'd post something on the interent - though it wasn't long before Fox was posting the same images (and better) all over the internet themselves. But not in time for us to incoporate into our books accurately, of course.
Oh well, but that's all beside the point. What caught my attention immediately was their costume for Phoenix. I thought it was an interesting take on her and then I realized it looked kind of familiar. I pointed it out to Boyd and that was the last time I thought of it. Even while watching the movie in the theater.
Until I saw this photo on a web-site. I guess it was the torn pants that reminded me of my initial reaction. It's not a very good photo, but I think you'll get the point.

I included images of Wanda as she appeared throughout X-M:E and in the last episode as an adult...I guess I should be flattered that someone working on X3 was a fan.

Also I hope you've also noticed that I moved the link for my SketchBook to the bottom of the web-site and included a little image of the cover to help remind you of what the PayPal button is for.


Anonymous said...

This is wierd, indeed.

Ted said...

Well you know Steve they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.....
but flattery doesn't pay the bills.

And yes you probably have more fans then you know.

Nabil said...

Really interesting....hmmm...well,if u're close acquaintances of X3 cast,u can probably ask themselves.

And I have something to share apart from this topic cuz I didn't knew where to put it and sending an e-mail to u would take too time to wait for its' reply so here it is:

" when will your website's download section be complete"?